Staging and Design

Bon Appetit


Tidy and White

A Vintage Find


third shelf down: original 1920s cocktail serving set

Color Choices

home window 1

Pops of complementary colors and fresh flowers brighten a rainy day and neutral colored room.


Light colored patterns and flowers add refined visual interest.

Making Old New Again

4 angles of dresser

This vintage piece was originally a throw away. It is about 100 years old. The natural brown stain was completely warn away and scratched from top to bottom. All hardware was black and tarnished. I had just moved and wanted a piece that was one of a kind for my bedroom.
I had nothing to lose with this one!

With some sanding, primer and a few coats of Benjamin Moore oil based paint, this piece was completely transformed!  The dresser pulls were the best part.  After quite a bit of stripping, sanding, and burnishing, these beautiful brass pulls gleamed like they did 100 years ago!

The solid brass finish came as an extremely pleasant surprise. Originally I had searched for new hardware but wasn’t sold on drilling new holes for handles that didn’t fit perfectly. With very little maintenance, we will enjoy this one of a kind piece for a very long time.


Hanging Artwork

tape_frames_1Before committing to hammering into your wall, plan your layout as much as you can – include frame size.
This is a great example using tape.
Ultimately planning out your design will create a much better result.
Image Credit: Design Sponge for Ebay

Window Coverings

AR-Shoot1-2Window coverings are one of the most important elements of designing any room.  Just choose a metal that you think you can live with long term since your hardware likely won’t change.  Flattering neutrals will move with you through the seasons and evolving decor but you can always change them to create an entirely new look to a room.

Otherwise, switch up your throw pillows for the season and it might be all the change you need.

DIY Floral Arrangement

1604842_822434318345_952992187317778585_n DIY floral arrangements compliment an Engagement Party table setting.  Sometimes a little goes a long way.
All florals at this suaré are compliments of my mom!
She is an incredible designer based in Connecticut and took care of all flower arrangements for our Engagement Party this past March.

310 E 44th Street, Suite 802